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Kordz x Sakamoto

Kordz x Sakamoto concert in Rustaveli Theatre with  Asko Schoenberg
Kordz x Sakamoto

On October 4th, 'Kordz x Sakamoto' concert will be held in the Rustaveli Theater. Kordz x Sakamoto is a concert that features both early, well-known as well as lesser-known work by Sakamoto in completely new arrangements. Kordz deconstructs the songs and turns them into compositions in his own style. The project was approved by the maestro himself - Ryuichi Sakamoto. The concert was specially prepared for Holland Festival 2021 together with the Dutch ensemble Asko|Schönberg, under the patronage of the maestro himself, Ryuichi Sakamoto. In addition to Asko|Schönberg, Nikoloz Rachveli, Giorgi Tsagareli, Lizi Ramishvili, Sandro Nikoladze, Konstantine Eroian and, of course, Alexander Kordzaia will take part in the event. The visual show will be presented by multidisciplinary contemporary audio-visual artist Boris Acket, who was also working on Holland Festival concert in 2021.

Video of the 2021 festival:

From September 19, card holders of any bank will be able to buy tickets.


Showtime: 8:00 P.M.

Partners of the event: SOLO, Visa, Partners of the event: SOLO, Visa, Tbilisi City Hall, Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra & Performing Arts Fund NL.

Event Organizer: Stockton

Artwork: Maya Sumbadze

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