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MokuMoku is an alternative Hip hop band from Tbilisi, Georgia. Formed in 2014, band combines a variety of Hip-hop, Funk and Jazz.


The band has released 5 albums up to now:


Blues Build The Temple (2015)

Black Heaven (2017)

Chicago Marinade (2019)

SoulFood Society (2020)

Off The Record (2023)


Latest Singles: "Angel Heart", "Ghost Moon", "I Wanna Know Now", "True North", “Lyre”, “Sugar Glider” and  “Hako is alive and she is 59”.


MokuMoku has played at various venues and festivals both in Georgia and abroad, such as:

Prince Charles Berlin (2020), Wagenhallen Stuttgart (2020), Import Export Munich (2020), MadCool Festival (2018), Bristol Upfest (2017), Tbilisi Open Air, Black Sea Jazz Festival and etc.

The band released its latest album “Off The Record” on 21.04.2023

Band Members:

Tato Rusia – MC

Jondo Japaridze – MC, Turntables

Misho Eliava – Keyboard

Tsotne Gogitidze – Guitar

Sandro Maisuradze – Bass

Alexander Khokhiashvili – Drums

Tornike Abuladze – Sax

Nasi Chavchavadze – Percussion


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