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Green Room • მწვანე ოთახი

Green Room • მწვანე ოთახი is a musical project formed Achiko Guledani and Beka Japaridze in 1999 in Tbilisi, Georgia. The band gained an immediate success after releasing hits like “Nazi Misebi” & “Chemtan Agar Khar” and remains as one of the most popular Georgian bands up-to-date. Their music combines variety of Pop, Funk and Jazz.

The band had released two albums before they suspended the project in 2005:
“Mtsvane Otakhi” (2001)  & “Shutdown” (2003), both of which are still among top-selling Georgian albums.

In 2019,
Green Room • მწვანე ოთახი made a comeback after a 15-year break. Joined by singer Uma J (Gvantsa Japaridze) and 4 instrumentalists, now ‘Mtsvane Otakhi’ is formed as a 7-piece band. The band is working on its third studio album, which will be released in Fall 2021.

Name “Mtsvane Otakhi” means ‘green room’ in Georgian – the place where the band was formed back in 1999.

Band Members: 

Achiko Guledani – Vocals, Guitar

Beqa Japaridze – Producer, Keys

Gvantsa Japaridze (Uma J) – Vocals

Ziko – Guitar

Lipo – Bass

Tetso – Drums

Kemo – Trumpet

Green Roomმწვანე ოთახი

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