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Bedford Falls is a Georgian indie-rock band formed in the ancient times of 2014. Their vast repertoire consists of variety of genres, such as indie, dream pop, post-punk and folk. The sound of the band is devoted to a mixture of acoustic instruments and electronic sounds. Members of the band belong to the post-soviet generation, growing up in a country torn by war, poverty and political turmoil. They’ve achieved popularity in their region by uploading their material for free on YouTube. Playing mostly in the capital Tbilisi to an emerging young audience and contributing to the new cultural scene.

Their debut album This is Your House has been released recently on Spotify. Its content deals with themes of adolescent boredom, alienation and frustrations of becoming an adult. Contrary to its lyrical themes, the music paints a dreamscape of upbeat melodies. The self-produced album has a lo-fi quality as it is mostly recorded in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Bringing the true sound of what it’s like to be born, to grow up and to die in a post-soviet dream. Adding to the sentiment is the album cover displaying dreamlike houses, inviting us to the world of melodic landscapes and harmonious interiors. And as the title proclaims – This is Your House.

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Bedford Falls

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